These rules are for the safety and protection of our guest and business. Guests will get a copy upon check-in.
For the mutual benefit of the Park and guests, the following rules shall remain in effect at all times. ANY violation of the following rules can result in violators being vacated without a refund.

1. Payment in full is expected when you check-in or in advance. For arrivals after business hours, please visit with Annie the Assistant Manager ASAP the next day. She can be reached at (502) 276-6090, and will visit you at your lot to collect payment. Lot rent must be paid in advance or on the day when due. Monies received by the park from guests shall first be applied to discharge any past due amounts, including but not limited to, past due late charges, check charges, and utility bills, if applicable, owed by the guest. After such past due amounts have been paid, the remainder of any monies received by the park from the guest shall be applied to current rent due. There is a 3 day grace period for monthly guests only. A $50 late fee will be charged on the 4th day after the due date if rent has not been received. If rent is not paid on the 5th day guests will be asked to settle up financially and may be asked to leave the Park. This is a NO PAY NO STAY PARK. Guests who are 5 days late and have not made an appointment to pay rent that day can expect to be asked to leave, visited by the Sheriff, and/or be towed at the owner’s expense. An additional $7 per day late fee starts on the 5th day after rent was due and continues to accrue until the day rent is paid in full along with all late fees. Neither Brooks Mobile Home & RV Park or any towing company used will be liable for damages to a camper or motor home if it is towed off of our property for non-payment of rent or other violation(s) of Park Rules. A lien will be placed on the impounded property until the Park has been paid in full for rent, electric, late fees, towing and storage fees, and any other expenses involved.
2. Check-in 2:00 PM. Check-out 12:00 PM. A late check out may be available if you call.
3. Holiday and Derby time minimum reservation stay is 3 days.
4. Cancellations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance or you will forfeit all of your deposit.
5. Extended stay monthly RV’s must be 10 years old or newer. We will check the registration of your RV upon check-in if necessary. No FEMA looking trailers are allowed. You will be given a 30 day Notice to Vacate or replace your rig once it reaches 10 years old if you are a current guest of the Park unless a waiver is requested and granted from Management.
6. Quiet hours are enforced from 10 PM until 7 AM. Be courteous to your neighbors- no loud radios, televisions, conversations, mufflers or anything else please.
7. Only one RV and one car per lot. Extra vehicles are $35 a month and enclosed or flatbed trailers may be stored for a $50 a month fee depending on availability.
8. All rates include 2 adult occupants. There is a daily fee of $2.00 per person for additional occupants over five years of age.
9. Minors under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times, and respect other guest’s lots. Children and guests must walk around the paved loop and not through guest’s lots.
10. The speed limit throughout the Park is 10 MPH, and will be firmly enforced. You will be given one warning about speeding and the next time you will be asked leave the Park.
11. Occupants of this Park shall be responsible for their guests conduct while in the Park. All occupants and guests are expected to act in an orderly and kind manner. Unreasonable or nuisance conduct may result in the RV guest being vacated immediately without refund. Children should be supervised at all times, and if RV guest’s visitors violate the Park Rules this can result in evacuation immediately without a refund.
12. No 3rd or 2nd party checks accepted. Names on checks and credit cards must match IDs.
13. RV guests agree and understand that they do not have a lease with the Park, that they are not full-time residents, and that they are only allowed to stay for the dates that they have paid in advance for. All long term guest must give us a copy of their valid IDs or DLs.
14. If an RV guest temporarily rents a mailbox from the Park, this does not give the guest any rights to the property; there are no permanent RV guests allowed in the Park, only long term guests who’s right to stay is dependent on them keeping the park rules and paying in advance. No leases are offered to RV guests, and guests who violate the rules can be removed from the property by the Sheriff or a towing company if the Park finds it necessary.
15. All guests must have a vehicle capable of towing their RVs. Campers and RVs cannot be dropped off at the Park. All RV’s must be owner occupied.
16. Lots must be kept free of rubbish, litter, and bottles. No storage of items is allowed under RV’s. Only rugs, lawn furniture, BBQ grills, landscaping, and secured bikes are allowed to be stored outside.
17. A dumpster is provided below lot 62 on Sarver Lane for trash, as shown on the Park Brochure map and website map. Do not leave garbage bags outside of your RVor outside the dumpster. No dumping of anything but normal daily garbage is allowed. A minimum of $25 clean up fee will be charged if it is necessary to remove any trash or items left on your site. If animals have gotten to it, the cost will be $50 to $75 depending on the work involved to clean the trash up. Anyone caught illegal dumping or littering will be charged a $500 fee. The dumpster is emptied Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. It is preferred that you put your garbage in the dumpster Monday – Thursday because on weekends it overflows when we are full.
18. RV’s must be connected to the Park’s sewer/ water system. Sewer lines must have a sewer hose seal and be kept screwed in airtight and free from leaks. This is a County Law, so if it is discovered during an inspection that yours is not connected properly, there will be a $50 fine due immediately.
19. Drainage of water, soap, grease or other waste products into the ground or into anything other than an approved holding tank or the sewer connection is a violation of State Law.
20. Running water wastefully will result in a $100 water cost recovery fee and can result in a notice to vacate immediately without a refund. No pools, kiddie pools, or other water wasting devices or toys are allowed. We provide water for our guests, and it is very expensive, so please help us conserve water.
21. Washing of cars, boats, trailers, RV’s, equipment, or other vehicles is not allowed. There is a $20 fee to recover utility costs should you want to wash your RV.
22. Dogs, cats, and any other applicable pets must be kept on leash at all times when not in the guests RV. Pets are not allowed to run free. You must pick up after your pet immediately and you must clean it up immediately and you cannot have pet waste on your lot at anytime. Do not leave pets tied up or in a cage alone outside. Do not allow your dog to bark at others, disturb others, or be a nuisance in any way while on a leash or inside your home. Do not allow pets to dig on your site. Guests found in violation of any of these rules will be fined $100 for the 1st offense, and for the second offense you will be vacated from the Park with no refund. No attack or vicious breeds allowed. Please be considerate of others, and do not walk pets on other lots. Your pets must be under your control at all times, an dyou must pick up after your pet immediately. Guests found in violation of any of these rules will be fined $100 for the 1 st offense, and for the second offense you will be vacated from the Park with no refund.
23. Occupants are cautioned and urged to be careful of electrical wires, objects left on the ground, and the conditions of walks, drives and steps. The Park is not responsible for injuries to persons, property or for property lost by occupants or guests, by fire, windstorm, or other casualty. The user assumes the risks or hazards which may be created by other occupants of the Park. This is a very safe park, but it is recommended that you secure anything of value.
24. Open fires are permitted only in grills or in contained stone fire pits.
25. All motor vehicles must have state licenses, and be operated by a licensed driver. No ATV’s (4-wheelers) allowed in the Park. Only licensed drivers are allowed to drive motorized scooters or golf carts in the Park. Indiscriminate riding back and forth is strictly forbidden.
26. The storage area and our treatment plant road is a restricted area. No admittance without management consent. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Do not trespass on others lots and do not allow your children or visitors to cut through others lots.
27. No shelters, storage sheds, or any kind of construction without prior consent of Management.
28. No selling, soliciting, or bumming in the Park without prior consent of Management. Doing this is a nuisance to your neighbors, and the first offense will get you a $100 fee, the second you will be vacated from the park without a refund. We ask that all guests report bumming to the office immediately.
29. No repairing of vehicle/boats in the Park.
30. No fireworks allowed in the Park.
31. No refunds for early departure. Long term guests agree to provide a 30 day notice to vacate in order to receive a deposit refund.
32. Limited free Wi-Fi is available near lot 50, if you ask the Manager for emergencies only. There will be no streaming, downloading of large files, or downloading of illegal files. We are trying to provide a radiation free area for our Manager to work. Please get a hot spot for internet.
33. All guests must abide by our Winterization Newsletter during subfreezing weather. Only ¾” insulating panels are allowed for underpinning taped together, and it must be painted with a brush to match your RV. No bags for skirting or plastic in widows or on the outside please. Skirting must be maintained straight to look nice and all insulation painted to match your rig.
34. RV’s, campers, travel trailers must be clean and in original condition. No modifications such as air conditioner units sticking out of the side are allowed. Portable inside or roof mounted air conditioners are allowed. Awnings, and all other visible parts of the home must be maintained in nice condition. NO tarps are allowed for any reason!
35. You must discard you cigarette butts in an ashtray and then into your trash to be taken to the dumpster. No cigarette butts are allowed on your lot. You will be charged $50 if they are found on your site and asked to remove them immediately. If you don’t remove them you will be charged $100 for us to clean them, and you will be asked to vacate the park immediately.

Rules are subject to change at owner’s discretion. Current rules can always be viewed at

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